Business Services

Small Business Support

Are you tired of not getting everything you want accomplished in the day? Do you find yourself trying to juggle the many responsibilities that an owner faces?  
My Personal Assistant can provide a revolutionary service, which is low-cost but high efficiency for you. Let us help free up your time so you can do what's really important. Some services we offer are:

•  Courier service
•  General errands
•  Office supplies purchase/delivery
•  Organize office or workplace
•  Temporary office assistance


Many employees today are overwhelmed between their personal and professional lives. Working long hours to meet deadlines, they rarely have the time to accomplish their personal responsibilities. Instead of taking time off during the workday, give your employees their own personal assistant. By giving benefits that relieve the demands of work and personal commitments it will boost their productivity and ease their stress which means success for your business as well as your employees.

Please contact us for a free consultation, to discuss the many ways your business might benefit from such a service.